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Every company knows the benefits of giving out travel incentives. Companies also host events, conferences and meetings which can sometimes be complicated to organize. This has brought the need for DMC or Destination Management Companies. Every DMC will surely have tour plans for Malta, being one of the most visited Mediterranean destinations.

Why choose Malta? Most DMC companies recommend Malta for incentive travels, meetings and conferences for a multitude of reasons. Most DMC would know that not many destinations are ideal as a business meeting place. Malta, on the other hand, has thousands of year’s worth of experience as a meeting place. Being strategically located at the heart of the Mediterranean and amongst the crossroads of maritime routes, Malta has been a meeting point throughout history as a home, a strong hold, a refuge and a trading post for more than 7000 years. From the Phoenicians to the Knights of John, down to Napoleon, all of them set foot in the Maltese Islands - their imprint of which waits to be discovered by its visitors.

The DMC industry thrive well in Malta because these islands are more than just the sea and the sun, but it is a historical place with landmarks at every corner that take you back in time. Its exquisite palaces, unique architecture, prehistoric temples, and impressive fortifications all form a very majestic backdrop to the programmes and events organized for the company.

What makes Malta even more ideal for DMC companies is that it offers a wide range of hotels and conference centers, which can host all kinds of meetings. Even if it is detached from the rest of the world, it has state of the art facilities which can cater to every corporate need. Its modern technology and its programs on business tourism make Malta a very open country for foreigners.

Malta is only a stone throw away from mainland Europe. It has excellent flight accessibility; flights do not last longer than three hours. Being a relatively small archipelago, its major sites and attractions are located close together and very little time (and money) is needed to get from one place to another.

The next time you would like to get services from your DMC, choose Malta. Imagine a beautiful place where virtually anything can be possible. Imagine a place where your colleagues, employees, employers and business partners can meet, talk business and have fun at the same time. DMC companies know that conferences, meetings and events for companies are always special. There are goals and expectations to be met, and the success of these events relies greatly on the program.

Whether it is for a conference, a special event, a meeting or an incentive travel, Malta offers it all for your DMC needs. A warm, comfortable climate, a strategic location, historical spots, years of culture and religion, the sun, the excitement and everything great. Inquire now about Malta DMC deals and discover a place that is beyond what you imagine. Expect to come home a different person - invigorated, relaxed, inspired and ready for improved performance and productivity.


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